Sunday, 8 May 2016

Our monthly gardening session

Thank you very much for your help today – especially in such hot weather.
For those who couldn’t make it this time, we weeded along the front path and hedge, litter picked, filled in a large hole left by removing a tree stump and looked out for butterflies. 
We saw a cabbage white, common blue and small tortoiseshell today.  At least we think we did! 
If any of you know any butterfly, bird or wild flower experts/botanists who might like to join us, to help with a survey then please let me know/bring them along. 
We all enjoyed hearing Kirsty talk about the bees – the existing colony failed to make their new queen so Kirsty and Croydon beekeepers and brought in 4 new baby queens, so the hives were humming!
Next on-site session is 12th June. Come along and join us for some great gardening fun.