Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Secret Garden - the raised bed is built!

It has taken 3 sessions with our wonderful friends - the Penge Men in Sheds group and 2 sessions with the amazing PULSE team but the raised bed has been built in the Secret Garden!

Now the Youth Group from Anerley Town Hall are going to take over.

Tonight they will finish sieving soil into the raised bed. 

And then we start planting which is the really exciting part. With an end of summer BBQ planned to use our veg and herbs it is shaping up to be an exciting summer in the Secret Garden.

In other Secret Garden news...
Our newts are thriving!
We have an additional bee hive and the bees are very busy making their Queen
We are all enjoying the butterflies we keep seeing all over the garden! 
And we can add cowslips and wood anemone to our wildflower count of bluebells (both native and non-native); marsh marigold; daffodils and primrose which we missed in our Sunday session.
There are lots of photos, too many really, but I just couldn't delete any. Enjoy....


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Secret Garden Monthly Gardening Sessions

Well as you can see from the photos we had a very busy session in the Secret Garden.
 this month

We moved a big pile of mud to help with the raised bed construction

We also completed a wild flower count

See you next month