Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Trying to restore the old Flamingo Lake

The Friends have been working with the Rangers, to put together a funding bid to secure some money to help redevelop the old Paxton fountain site which is currently in a poor state of repair and fenced off with no access to the public. Our aims are to restore the heritage site as well as to provide an accessible and pleasant spot for all users of the park. We also hope that the area will be improved for local wildlife by providing the restored fountain basin with appropriate plants and shrubs to sustain wildlife habitats.

The basin itself is currently full of silt and self-sown willow trees and, as a result of being fenced off from the public, has become overgrown and unattractive. We have spoken to many park users, all of which are keen to see the site restored to public use and enjoyment.

Watch this space as we continue to look for funds and secure support for the work. We've already collected hundreds of signatures in support of the plan from park users as well as letters of support from local groups.