Monday, 20 September 2010

Events in the park

Our next volunteering session is on the second Sunday of each month - meet at 2pm at the Ranger's hut then we'll head up to the Vale. The previous session was a great success - we cleared an awful lot of ground, and if you've walked past the area recently you may have noticed what a difference some sanding and a lick of paint can make to the old railings!

If you're a keen runner you may be interested in the Crystal Palace parkrun - a free weekly 5km timed run. It happens every Saturday - and while it's free you need to register in advance - see the website for more details:

Bidding for funds for a new sensory and recreational garden...

We're excited to announce that as well as our work in the Vale, the Friends are working closely with the Park Rangers to put in a funding bid to renovate another small section of the park.

The old flamingo lake was formerly a fountain basin from the Palace, and is a locally listed structure. The area is now over-grown, dried out and completely fenced off (see photo).

What we would like to do is turn the area into an accessible sensory and recreational garden, with tools and workspaces for disabled groups and equipment, such as outdoor gym equipment, board game tables and management of small scale garden, to stimulate the minds and bodies of people of all ages.

As well as improving an over-grown and unused area of the park (which is also one of the first things people see on their way from the train station to the farm) the plans give us an opportunity to restore some of the original stonework of the fountain basin, and hopefully will see us fitting a new fountain alongside the original.

We think this is an exciting project, and we hope to hear back later in the year as to whether we've got through the first round of the funding process. If we do get funding we'll be looking for Friends volunteers to help us with it, and there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved!

Fingers crossed please!