Monday, 7 June 2010

Come and help us with the Vale!

The volunteering sessions have settled down to a pattern of the second Sunday of every month, so hopefully you'll be able to join us, this Sunday (13th) at 2pm to help restore the Vale entrance to the park.

Last time we stripped out a lot of the bramble and ivy roots and cleared the growth back from the fencing, hopefully this time we'll be able to make a start on restoring some of the fencing and clearing the other side of the path. Longer term, we're hoping to secure funding to allow us to get something a bit nicer than brambles planted in the area!

Join us at 2pm at the information centre, or just after that up at the Vale.

If you’re interested, please contact the Crystal Palace Park Rangers on 020 8778 7148 or 020 8778 9496 for more information and to book your place. (We need to know how many people are coming so we know how much equipment to bring!)

Hope to see you on Sunday!