Sunday, 30 November 2008

Your Park Needs You!

****Planning Meeting****

On the 9th December at 7:30pm, Bromley Development Control Committee will consider the London Development Agency ‘Masterplan’ application. As well as rejuvinating the key parts of the historical park such as the main axis and the terraces, the London Development Agency has included the sale of parkland to developers in its proposals.

Whatever your views its important that we get as many people there as possible to show Bromley how important this park is to us!

9th December at 7.30pm
Bromley Civic Centre
Stockwell Close
Kentish Way (behind the Glades)

The proposed Tramlink extension that would have seen trams running through the corner of Crystal Palace Park, has been dropped for now at least. According to a statement on the Transport for London website:

"Our plans to extend Tramlink from Harrington Road to Anerley and Crystal Palace will not be taken forward.

Although we have progressed the scheme, there is no Government funding to implement it.

We will be carrying out a wider study, working closely with Croydon Council and other key stakeholders, to assess how we can deliver the improvements Outer London needs.

We are committed to including new proposals for extensions to the tram as part of a future bid to Government. "

****Dialogue Process****
The LDA has no funding further consultation at this stage, so the Westaway led dialogue process is effectively closed. The dialogue team have stated that while there may be further consultation on the detailed application (assuming the masterplan is approved, see above) it is not clear whether the team would have a role to play.

****Ghost Walk****
A quick reminder that the Ghost Walk is tonight! More details on our previous post here.