Sunday, 30 December 2007

How to access the Planning Applications

The three Planning Applications are now in theory up on Bromley's website, but they're easier to access through this page:

The main document worth looking at is the Planning Statement (the documents are quite large PDF files...).

Submitting Comments
One way to submit comments to Bromley is via their Planning Access website. This is the link:

Once the page opens, look down the left hand menu for "Application Search". Select that. A form will appear. The easiest way to find the park applications is to type the Application Reference number into the first field on the form and click search at the bottom of the form. The three Application references are:

Masterplan Outline Planning application - 07/03897
Listed Building Consent application - 07/03907
conservation Area Consent application - 07/03906

Once you've entered one of these and clicked search, a page should appear giving the details of the application. On the right hand side of the results is an arrow to click for more information.

The arrow takes you to a page where you can submit comments direct to Bromley. (In theory you should also be able to download all of the documents, but wwhen we tested it the associated docs were missing. We suggest you get them from the Crystal Palace Park website instead.)

John Logie Baird Park Walkabouts

The Josepth Paxton Society are running some more of their Park Walkabouts, this time with the theme of John Logie Baird, the pioneer of British television. The walks visit the site of the design labratory, the studios, the transmitters and the manufacturing plant.

They're running on Saturday 5th Jan and Sunday 6th Jan, starting at 1pm at the Park Information Centre near the Penge entrance. The walks are free.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Park in the mist...

Park in the mist
Originally uploaded by Craig Richardson
Maybe it was the fact it was near freezing, or maybe it was the thick mist! Either way, I felt like I had the place to myself as I wandered round the park this morning...

If anyone wants to see how different the park looks in the mist, there's a set of photos here:
Link to Pictures

If anyone wants prints, drop me a line at!