Monday, 19 November 2007

Park Update

A few updates on the park from the Park Working Group meeting on the 13th Nov.

Planning Application

The LDA's planning application went in to Bromley on the 1st Nov. Details of how to respond will be circulated with the minutes of the recent Main Group Meeting, and we'll be posting them here as soon as we get them.

Capel Manor

The estimated opening date is now looking like December. Between asbestos having to be removed, the building being broken into, and foot and mouth, bird flu and blue-tongue all affecting the movement of animals around the country, they're understandably not willing to name a precise date just yet!


Expect a decision on the final route in spring next year. Hopefully we'll see the business plan setting out the costs and benefits of the scheme in December. In terms of work starting, we're apparently looking at 2010, completing by 2013/14.

Park Management/Ownership

Not much to report on this yet, but I just want to flag that the working group has started to consider this in advance of the next Main Group meeting. More on it after the next meeting.

Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue
Originally uploaded by Craig Richardson
In honour of the fact that its been snowing in other parts of the country over the last couple of days, I thought I'd remind people of how gorgeous our park can look in the snow!