Saturday, 10 September 2016

My Volunteer Experience

Two of our youth volunteers share their experiences volunteering at the Information Centre


On the 20th of August I began a new challenge. It was my first day of volunteering in my local park. I attentiveley peered down at google maps in my attempt to find the information centre, from which my volunteering would be based. Despite spending 5 years in, around and round about Crystal Palace, I had never seen the whole park (or even half of it for that matter), so this was my opportunity to do so.

My experience on a whole was definitely more interactive than I expected. Although I was prepped for sessions of sitting on a swivel chair on social media, only to engage when people came in, every once a millennium, I was surely left surprised. I was involved in redesigning the website, creating a board for the information centre, giving out propaganda and much more! And now I can even direct people round my local park. After my very animated experience, my advice to you is, if you ever get the opportunity to volunteer at your local park, take it!


Through the Head Start challenge I was given the opportunity to volunteer at the Crystal Palace Park and overall I have been thrilled with this choice.The atmosphere here the information centre is so warm and welcoming which I feel has really enabled me to take full advantage of this opportunity. Through the programme I have been able to explore the park to familiarise myself with the park itself and one the best parts of it all was discovering the range of activities available here that as a local individual I hadn't ever been aware of. I have also been able to develop a variety of skills which have proved beneficial for the world of work such as public speaking skills through distributing propaganda and team-work while participating in the efforts to improve the centre. Another great experience has been the chance to meet a bunch of great new people including our fantastic supervisor.

This has been one of the most motivating experiences to really participate with the local community and independently think up new ways to improve it.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Listening and Sharing Events and Egg Hunters

We had our last listening and sharing event over the weekend. Even though the weather wasn't great we had lots of people come down to share their views on the future of Crystal Palace Park.

There was great support for the new community led trust, although as with previous session people want clarity on how the trust will be funded especially in it's first few years.

There was also great support for the Friends of Crystal Palace Park with lots of people wanting to get more involved and real support for our move to a charity.

We also held a Easter Egg Hunt in the secret garden which was a great success! We had at least 30 egg hunters searching for eggs with great success! See below…

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Save the Sphinxes - Success

Conservation of the Sphinxes and the South Terrace Steps is beginning. 

The works are being undertaken by Skillington Workshop. They are a leading conservation company and specialise in sculpture restoration.

The original survey work was undertaken because of the Save the Sphinxes volunteer project led by Mehul, from the Community Stakeholder Group and Crystal Palace Transition Town and was funded by Historic England.

They are also funding the conservation works, thanks to a grant application by Bromley council. 

The first pair of sphinxes will be restored by early May and the conservation works will conclude with the South terrace steps and the sphinxes that guard over them in August.

A great example of the community coming together for the good of the park.

Well done to all those involved!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Doesn't Iggy Look Good

Well the work is completed on Iggy and doesn't he look good. We especially like his manicure.

Photo by Lynn Hilton

There are still lots more to do though.

Find out how you can get involved by visitng

Friday, 29 January 2016

Guy the Gorilla gets Listed

When I heard that the Gorilla Statue in the park had been listed I thought it was great news.

Then I thought why do we have a Gorilla Statue in Crystal Palace Park.

I have learnt so much about Guy the Gorilla - he even has his own Wikipedia page

The best article I read can be found at which is one of our wonderful local blogs.